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Jay. 38. Femme Boi with CP. Black Boricua. Living Ingeniously since forever. They/He/Elle/El


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People do the passive aggressive shit to force you to react and have the convo they’re afraid to initiate. Yawn.

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Today on the podcast, C TALENT creator Shelby 🖤 shares her journey to becoming a content creator, why in fashion and the challenges Disabled Creators face with getting their content noticed in the algorithm! 📱⚡️

Link here: bit.ly/3SgDOju

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also... im sorry to the men experiencing loneliness but they're not, demographically, the populations that experience the most loneliness! so many things might go into this like, being queer, being disabled, not having access to community.

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Grant Public Schools Mural Artist Fund

I don't have much, but I am happy to support the young artist who painted an inclusive mural for a middle school in their town and was bullied by adults for it.

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For those asking, it's not the topic, it's the way it's presented.

You can normalized adopting disabled dogs without framing the act as a result of pitying disabled dogs so much that you can be seen as inspirational for adopting one.

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Grinch Ehhhh.... having worked in hospitality for over 20 years, I don't feel like this is accurate. Lol. They fell off in popularity with the increase in food knowledge and exposure to better places leading to increases in standards. 🤷🏾‍♀️

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Unfortunately, this article has it all wrong. This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to understand: that weird exercise intolerance you get with your other lingering post-Covid symptoms IS NOT simple deconditioning. Assuming it is and pushing through can seriously harm you. A short thread.

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Abandonment in pandemics is not a one time event. Each moment is a decision, an opportunity to do better. Folks are deciding every moment of every day to dig their heels in deeper, while expecting us to move on and forgive. Move on from behaviors that kill us and then we’ll talk.

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people with personality disorders are still ppl. also important to remember that personality disorders literally stem from trauma responses taking over your life