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Jay. 38. Femme Boi with CP. Black Boricua.Person of enough determination to break my wheels off in your ass, as necessary. They/He/Elle/El


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'Gays my age and older, those of us left, have built up immunities to crises; we’re equipped for any emergency thrown our way. (...) We practically wrote the survival handbook.'…

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Mama Tina remembers Uncle Johnny on ABC’s “Viral: A World Without AIDS” and how his diagnosis devastated the whole family, sobbing as we speak😭

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When done correctly, can actually help prevent , since they strengthen the muscles necessary in so many commonplace movements. Learn more from Chelsea Long, exercise physiologist at HSS.…

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would i cut my friend off immediately ab cheating on their partner? no. would i express how wrong their actions were? yes. would i cut them off if they’re continuing with the same toxic patterns? yes.

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The vibrato, the facial expressions, the stage presence….Keke Palmer could’ve been a broadway STAR if she wanted to.

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this shouldn’t need to be said but here we are: marrying a latinx person and adopting their surname does not mean you can cosplay as a latinx scholar.

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Fine to not want more but the 'why are we forcing Harrison Ford to be Indiana Jones again' criticism isn't gonna fly. It's the only character Harrison Ford loves, he will crash a plane into your house if you try to take it from him

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Send some love to your disabled & chronically ill & immunocompromised pals this holiday season who are not only still isolating and shut out from participating in society safely but also cannot access necessary medical care as the pandemic continues unmitigated. We are worn out.