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The $400bn CBO cost estimate for student loan forgiveness is over 30 years.

Gotta give context, people.

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I love how the USMNT TV media completely babies the team, and the USMNT online media wants to cut everyone and fire the coach after one bad game. We can't be normal. We refuse to be normal.

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woooooooooo both babies back in daycare celebration

(yes I love my kids; I also love that they are no longer feeling the worst of their first colds)

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NFL is replacing the Pro Bowl with a multi-day skills competition and flag football game that will be played in Las Vegas the Sunday before the Super Bowl.

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A shame for Trent, but clearly he's going to get a winter break during the World Cup -- good for LFC. And maybe when Southgate leaves, England will have a manager that can figure out how to use him.

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Not sure that we get to talk out of both sides of our mouths with 'Oregon State's really good this year, listen' and 'USC is struggling with them, how embarrassing.' Don't see anyone doing this yet! I'm building a strawman in hopes that it doesn't become a real person!