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RIP Takeoff. Beyond fucking sad. Feels like every other day we lose one of our brothers. Society continuing to lean on hate and envy. Love those few around you and appreciate life daily. You truly never know when your last day might be!

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Derrick Rose on work ethic

“The ball has to be your first girlfriend… that’s the difference between the 400 players in the league and those that aren’t in the league”

Wisdom on 💯 from the OG

(Via Adam Howes 🎥)

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We got turned down, we failed, had set backs, had to start over a lot of times. But we kept going at it. In anybody’s case that’s always the distinguishing factor. - Nipsey Hussle

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The crazy thing about the devil if he can’t get to you he will go for everything around you stay prayed up & keep fighting.

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LeBron James - If you never enrolled full-time in college and didn’t compete in the sport that you want to play after HS graduation, you could have eligibility remaining. If you professionalize in one sport, you can still be considered an amateur in another.
Would love to help you!

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.New Orleans Saints with perfect technique on how to recover a loose ball. Everyone should practice Hurst’ technique here. It might be the difference between winning & losing