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Joshua Nickel(@joshuanickel) 's Twitter Profile Photo

I can't believe this great show is ending. It is so lighthearted and caring. Not like every other police procedural on CBS.

Rob Krauzig(@krauzig) 's Twitter Profile Photo

Love, Greg how in this critical time in the world does ending make any sense? I’m an atheist but do believe in the message, it was a show with endless positive and powerful stories showing the good in people. Why ?

JWALFIG(@JWALFIG) 's Twitter Profile Photo

Thank you for this show! It gave hope and brought joy every Sunday! I’m sorry to see it was cancelled! @cbs

Joe Morton(@JOEtheMORTON) 's Twitter Profile Photo

Tonight is truly our finale. However, will always be a part of my heart. I hope it will remain with you too, long after we’re gone. I will miss all of you and all of us. But here we are on top.

Kristen Day(@kikiday) 's Twitter Profile Photo

Very sad that is ending. It has become one of my favourite shows. When it first started I was suspicious of it being too preachy one way or the other, but it has really struck a perfect balance and I have enjoyed it very much these past 2 yrs.

Ashia Sims(@ashia) 's Twitter Profile Photo

I'm kind of sad to be watching the series finale of . It's been such a delightful experience watching this show.