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Joshua Nickel(@joshuanickel) 's Twitter Profile Photo

I can't believe this great show is ending. It is so lighthearted and caring. Not like every other police procedural on CBS.

Rob Krauzig(@krauzig) 's Twitter Profile Photo

Love, Greg how in this critical time in the world does ending make any sense? I’m an atheist but do believe in the message, it was a show with endless positive and powerful stories showing the good in people. Why ?

JWALFIG(@JWALFIG) 's Twitter Profile Photo

Thank you for this show! It gave hope and brought joy every Sunday! I’m sorry to see it was cancelled! @cbs

Joe Morton(@JOEtheMORTON) 's Twitter Profile Photo

Tonight is truly our finale. However, will always be a part of my heart. I hope it will remain with you too, long after we’re gone. I will miss all of you and all of us. But here we are on top.

Kristen Day(@kikiday) 's Twitter Profile Photo

Very sad that is ending. It has become one of my favourite shows. When it first started I was suspicious of it being too preachy one way or the other, but it has really struck a perfect balance and I have enjoyed it very much these past 2 yrs.

Ashia Sims(@ashia) 's Twitter Profile Photo

I'm kind of sad to be watching the series finale of . It's been such a delightful experience watching this show.

Joe Morton(@JOEtheMORTON) 's Twitter Profile Photo

People believe in prayer as long as God doesn’t talk back. Maybe it’s the same with angels. We only believe in them as characters in the bible, not real life. Yet many believe in spirits. How can you believe in spirits and not angels?