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Gabriel Shipton


Film Producer at Shipton House, Advocate for my brother imprisoned Journalist and Publisher Julian Assange.


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Cinque grandi giornali internazionali che pubblicarono i documenti riservati ottenuti da Wikileaks hanno scritto una lettera aperta a Biden chiedendogli di ritirare le accuse contro Assange. L’editoriale di Giovanni De Mauro.

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In prison, it keeps you sane to know you're talked about & campaigned for. Tomorrow at Frontline Club with PEN International & English PEN Stella Assange #FreeAssangeNOW Hanna Komar Awet fissehaye saliltripathi Rahima Mahmut & I will talk about political prisoners. Join us.…

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📽️ “there is a question about torture, there is a question about press freedom…”

Thank you Amnesty Weisbaded Amnesty Wiesbaden for last nights screening of Ithaka the Movie and for showing your support.


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🗣️ 'En Julian, el van matant, com van matar Jamal Khashoggi, però a càmera lenta'

Gabriel Shipton i Adrian Devant, germà i cunyat de Julian Assange, han presentat a Barcelona el documentari ‘Ithaka’, sobre la lluita per la seva llibertat…

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Just your regular reminder that Assange is still behind bars.

For journalism.

He's been detained for over 10 years now.

Let that sink in.

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The choir growing and becoming louder!
It isn’t Just The New York Times this Editorial in the Pasadena Star News lays out Julians prosecution for what it is, a threat to Journalistic Activity and an attack by National Security Division, U.S. Dept of Justice on the 1st Amendment.

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El cuñado de Assange asegura que el fundador de Wikileaks tiene 'cada vez más' apoyo social…

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.Ithaka the Movie über geht auf Deutschland-Tour und wir sind als Kooperationspartner mit dabei!…
Z.B. am 3.12. um 17 Uhr im Cinema Münster. Anschließend Gespräch u.a. mit Stella Assange #FreeAssangeNOW.