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Lol the FA is not serious Tracksuit - You’d swear they’re forced to do this football thing. The level is beyond low!!!

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How many coaches have to be sacked before our journalists unanimously vocalise that Danny Jordaan & his board are the diabetes and coaches are just the leg that needs to be amputated

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Basic Education and Sports and Recreation. Coupled with the fact that there are also no cultural extramurals and kids now attend 7 days a week, even during holidays, with very little improvement n results.

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1) The Thabo Bester case shows that money - apparently around 1m rand - can literally open prison gates. Conversely, the men behind bars who had no money were treated like vermin. G4S drugged the prisoners who were too vocal or difficult with anti-psychotic drugs. Lynsey Chutel

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DCS statement indicates that the G4S contract, expiring in 2026, will not be renewed. But G4S announced in 2019 that it would not renew it, following a documentary that revealed human rights violations at Mangaung prison.…