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Just a dude from Toronto/T.Dot/The 6ix who’s been talking on the radio 30+ yrs..made some albums..Made Mixtapes..Won Awards..Helped Careers! #MastermindSince87


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A Lot of people been asking when this is going to drop....I'm not Sway...I don't have the answers BUT if you follow Canterbury Crescent Filmworks they'll let you know

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Mastermind My last gig, parking was $20 a day, it wasn't even downtown. There were no perks or anything for executives, just building management fleecing its tenants.

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Mastermind When I was at Metrolinx GO Transit myself & one other employee out of 1900 were the only ones paying for parking because we had to be on air for @cp24 & CityNews Toronto Traffic & Weather at 5AM. They made the position non-union so we didn’t have parking like the others that started early. FFS.