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Are big banks going to have to cut dividends? Dan Nathan breaks down what the options market is pricing in $XLF $BAC $JPM $C $WFC $MS

Listen to the full episode with Dan, Danny Moses & Guy Adami: apple.co/42TDuxr

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Verification matters most for people who are responsible for public safety — gov officials, emergency responders, etc. It's notable that officials at the highest level of gov say verification not worth paying for b/c it doesn't signal authority anymore.

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Fearful of the New York Yankees opener (as well as the Red Sux opener!) tom keene failed to show up for work yesterday. Bramo and Mike interviewed me instead! Bloomberg (28 minute, 22 second mark!) bloomberg.com/news/audio/202… @ferrotv Lisa Abramowicz Jim Cramer Sara Eisen

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I’ll be speaking at Harvard on Monday.

The talk is about why so many of us—artists, writers, musicians—have an early experience with trauma

What it does to us and how we find our voice in novels, films and sad sad songs.

It’s at 4:30 if you want to join

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Hope Springs Eternal 🎙️🌸 Guy Adami, Danny Moses & Dan Nathan on the bank chaos, what's next for the Fed, Q1 coming to a close & D-MO digs into the $GME 10-K

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As stocks rally into the end of a quarter with no shortage of volatility... is this the perfect trader's market?

Or are stocks just about to fall out a bed?

@TimSeymour, Dan Nathan, Guy Adami, and @KarenFinerman debate

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Are we setting ourselves up for a 'death by a thousand cuts' scenario when it comes to declines in estimated earnings?

Dan Nathan, Liz Young and Guy Adami get a sneak peek at Earnings Insight on the latest episode powered by youtube.com/live/k-LeSchui……

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Join Guy Adami & Dan Nathan at 1PMET!

-Bargain hunting $SPX $NDX
- $SCHW gets a downgrade $XLF
- Liz Young Expect the Unexpected
- $SLG
-We take your questions!

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1) Mkt seems tricky right now.

+’s: Futures pointing to a Fed pause and potentially outright cuts while inflation implodes in real-time.

-‘s: US consumer has rolled over since SVB per cc data. First real decel since Covid. And commodities might ruin all of the +’s above.

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The Compound Dan Nathan Guy Adami Downtown Josh Brown Michael Batnick CME Group iConnections FactSet “It’s not that bad. It’s only bad if you spend your day on Twitter or watching financial television” - Downtown Josh Brown & Guy Adami discuss what the economic environment means to the average American

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'There will be applications of this that change people's lives' - Trevor Marshall of Current on ChatGPT and AI innovation

🎧 to the full convo with Trevor & Dan Nathan: apple.co/3zeCGFO

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💥New blog post: 'Expect the Unexpected' on the first quarter's big surprises👇🏼sofi.com/article/invest…