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Caitlin Clark has scored more points in postseason play (235) than Iowa Football scored all season (230).

That is insane.

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Walker - A Short Documentary

Link to full documentary:

2 years ago, Derrick Walker agreed to the idea of this documentary. I filmed his 2021-2022 basketball season on and off the court. Thank you to EVERYBODY who helped make this project come to life.

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Class of ‘24 OT Keon Rohé is 6’7 280lbs just look at the twitch and burst!! He will be 315 and lean!! This kid is VERY IMPRESSIVE

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Let me give y’all some advice, you can’t approach everyone in college football the same. Send Position coaches 1/2 prospects that will catch their eye and get them interested. They are not watching 7 hudl links that you send them. Send the bulk of it to recruiting staff & GA’s