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Alan Lyons(@alanlyons33) 's Twitter Profile Photo… “I was told my marriage was celebrated like Mandela’s release”. We’re going to need a new word as narcissist doesn’t cover it.

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Last year Scotland’s fiscal deficit = £23bn, >12% GDP. Some is aftermath of pandemic, most is structural. Hated Westminster fills deficit gap.
Scottish revenues = £13,463 per capita; Scottish public spending = £17,793. Westminster makes up the difference, which = £4,330 a head.

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Still laughing this morning about Maitlis’s horror that *one* person at the BBC who wasn’t a Guardian reader was too much.

Alan Lyons(@alanlyons33) 's Twitter Profile Photo See, this is the problem. I'm all for renewables and the £35 / MWh clearing price of the latest round of offshore wind auctions has stunning ramifications. But look at this: right now wind 2.2%. We do not (yet) possess the tech to handle this intermittency

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I know it has somehow become controversial to say this, but societies in which people are expected to pay off their debts are healthier than societies in which others are forced to do so.

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It's one of the great mysteries of life to me that, collectively, we seem able to forget fundamental truths that we thought we had established immutably. Like state monopolies are crap.

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Note to independence supporters: the Seagreen wind farm would not have been built if it hadn’t secured a CfD from the UK Government. Who says so? The people who actually built it.

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For those who don’t want to inadvertently spread misinformation, read this thread.

Those who do continue to share/spread the lie that ‘Tories voted to dump sewage in the sea’, especially MPs who already know the facts, continue to do so deliberately & should be judged as such.

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This is great. Reminds me of one of my favourite phrases: 'The problem with the rat race is, even if you win it, you are still a rat!'.

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This thing is a straight lie.

Our Victorian sewage system has been discharging raw sewage into rivers/ the sea for more than a century. It’s just that previously nobody cared.

The Environment Act (2021) is the first serious attempt to tackle this huge issue.