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P.S. Howard Beckettโ€™s salary is ยฃ142,000, a figure he no doubt negotiated for, so the hypocrisy is astounding

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Where on earth is this voluntary union and union of equals nonsense coming from?
Scotland and England merged to form a new country, we are all equal as individuals and we all get to vote for a representative fir our constituency.
The U.K. is our country and unitary state.

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Worth noting.

The SNP asked for mass rallies on the Supreme Court decision.

Result, a few hundred here or there across the country.

How many in total? 2k? 44k?

Mass rallies it/they are not.

It's over.

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The UK will be the fastest-growing economy in the G7 again this year, says OECD. Britain is set to beat USA, Germany, France, Italy, Japan and Canada.
Despite this good news, the anti-Brexit BBC keeps talking the country down.โ€ฆ
Brexit Facts4EU.Org

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Amazed by number of non-Scot Brits who are actively willing the UK to break up simply because theyโ€™re still having a hissy fit we left a trade club. Astounding that one might care so little for oneโ€™s country!

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If the Isle of Wight National Party wins the constituency in the next General Election on a single line manifesto for independence, it couldn't expect to win independence in this way even if it won 100% of the vote because like Scotland it is part of the UK

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I don't think Scottish nationalists have quite grasped how devastating the Supreme Court ruling is. Turning down Pretendy indyref2 was expected. But undermining all of the SNP's assumptions was not. Scotland is not a colony it is part of the UK. It is not undemocratic to say No

Cllr. Florence McHunt SNP๐ŸŽ—๏ธ๐Ÿด๓ ง๓ ข๓ ณ๓ ฃ๓ ด๓ ฟ(@CllrMcHuntSNP) 's Twitter Profile Photo

Iโ€™m in Rome today. I was at a restaurant when we heard the Supreme Court ruling. All the Italian people started to boo and came to console me and told me how unfair it was. I told them the fight was not over yet and they all cheered and gave me free ice-cream.

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But if this is the case & the Supreme Court says that it is, because Scotland is not a colony, then Scottish nationalism has no grievance at all. All of its assumptions have been proved false

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coeus Pantheon Resources Incorrect. Why drill Alkaid-3 during the winter when it can be drilled 365/yr from within the disturbed corridor adjacent to the Dalton Highway? This plan aims to further prove up $panr's assets in a location only accessible during the winter season. Another wrong take by coeus.

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The reason why the British public is not buying the idea that Shamima Begum was 'groomed' is because at 15, people are peer pressured into shoplifting.

Or skiving school.

Not joining a terrorist organisation.

Try harder guys

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BREAKING: Supreme Court Rules Scottish Parliament Does Not Have Power to Hold Second Referendumโ€ฆ

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Oh Dear.