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People will say the most racist, misogynistic, homophobic and prejudice thing known to man and then have Deadpool of all characters as their pfp😭.

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“Aren’t you worried they’ll be coming for disabled rights next?”

Bold of you to assume we actually have enforceable rights as disabled people to begin with.

Watch out, they’re gonna take away our right to *checks notes* get paid way less than minimum wage.

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no but it's sick how y'all think lesbians are closer to cis men than other sapphics. we all know that's where the 'lesbians aren't affected' comes from.

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I’d like to thank TikTok for inventing a worse phenomenon than people listening out loud to music on their phone in public. Listen to someone scroll TikTok at full volume on a train is definitely an experience

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arent there some companies that release official cosplay stuff. like i think borderlands(? or some kind of game like that) does that i think it should be more common

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remember when sending people comforts gifs will always work better than still images, as gifs capture the brains interest longer &take more than 0.1 sec to process

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The real mystery of Stardew Valley is WHO is harassing Linus? He's got all this dialogue about how people trash his tent and throw rocks at him . . . SOMEONE in this valley needs their ass kicked and I am ready and able

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kpop fans, vtuber fans and mcyt fans (mainly dsmp fans) the three horsemen of shipping irl people apocalypse