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I am the lead singer/guitarist for @LexingtonField. I love God, Amy, my sons, family, friends, & SD sports. @Padres @GoAztecs @SDGullsAHL @GoldenKnights


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Hey ! It’s not everyday you get to announce a Hall of Fame winner. All of Fred McGriff’s former teams have posted something except the Padres! Step it up!

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With Trump back on Twitter,
it’s a good time to watch this Jan 6 hearing. It covers each of Trump’s tweets that day, including those that have been deleted, and features multiple Trump WH staff describing his inexcusable conduct during the violence.…

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Padres making progress on a new contract with free-agent right-hander Nick Martinez, sources tell me and Dennis Lin. Martinez declined his $6.5M player option for 2023, effectively opting out of the final three years of his previous deal.

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Maybe, just maybe…
Tatis is supposed to be part of our Championship team. Don’t get me wrong, this year was special, but it always felt like this was our next big step forward and we are at the doorstep of greatness. We are almost there, and I’m ready for it! Go !

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Seriously? Manny Machado is not one of the three finalists for NL 3B Gold Glove?? Utterly ridiculous. Renders award borderline meaningless.

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Nola is super smart dude and this postseason is really highlighting it. There’s a reason why he has started every game so far.