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AMMs vs. CLOBs: How does the MEV landscape differ?

JIT liquidity and reward stealing via bundles. What is happening and how can apps play defense?

Pyth backrunning: When and why? Impact of transition to on-demand updates?

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Here are the winners of our 1st community twitter contest. The competition was fierce. We appreciate the entries and are hoping to keep the memes flowing. Send some good ones our way anytime and we'll surprise you!

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We are looking for an administrator to help increase productivity for our small team. $500 bonus for successful referrals. Crypto or startup experience is preferred. Full description here

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As a builder, Solana is a great trade right now. The risk/reward is going to be hard to beat. Sentiment is peak bearishness. Fundamentals strong. And tons of greenfield for innovators that aren't building yet another marketplace or simply going cross chain. The future is yours.

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My timely vote credits change for Solana has been languishing in github code review for some time now.

It would be really great to get this feature into Solana to eliminate the incentive for 'vote laggers' to
hurt Solana's performance for their own personal vote credits gain.

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Great thread

Reminder that you can participate in MEV rewards by staking to any validator running Jito-Solana, including Laine, and we also offer our own zero-fee liquid staking solution for MEV empowered liquid staking at stake.laine.one