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Happy Sunday!

We caught up with Max Haining 💯 for 'This Week in NoCode' to learn more about his story with

Plus +
- Zapier new pricing plan
- An AI company with a $99 million AWS bill
- Siri's AI Overhaul

Live now on all platforms 🎧


🔔 This…

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I’m excited to share

that Coda has entered a strategic partnership with @Snowflakedb, the world’s leading Data Cloud company, plus a large investment round in Coda led by Snowflake Ventures!

Thrilled where this partnership is headed, and here’s a few reasons why. 🧵

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To get rich, do work where you get paid in proportion to the number of customers you satisfy instead of the number of hours you work. Not all work of this kind will make you rich, but nearly all work that can make you rich is of this kind.

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This week Katt 🚪nocode-exits.com walked us through her journey into an exit from her job and an exit through acquire.com.

Are you looking to build then sell? Give this a listen!

And sign up for No-Code Exits!

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Some days, when you're validating a business idea, you meet someone that is so genuinely excited about your solution that you really hope you can just solve their problem - ignoring everyone else and money - that would make me happy.

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Did you know that when you set up an API call that had an output file type it actually first saves the file to the data base? It's available in the file manager, afterwards.

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I moved my hero section photo from Bubble hosted image to ImgBB and it improved my lighthouse performance score from 72->84