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The cheat code to London is finding β€˜your’ things .. your nail bar, your cafe , your hairdresser, gym.. lunch spot, massage parlour ..all the places you love and feel comfortable in. That and leaving every 2-3 months

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As your friend….I AM NEVER TIRED OF YOUR LIFE. I hate when my friends are like β€œI don’t wanna keep bothering you with the same sht”…girl, if this sht weighs on your chest everyday, I do not care. SPILL. Because feeling like you gotta stand in that alone is never how I want you…

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whenever i tell people i’m ghanaian they think i’m lying cos everyone assumes im caribbeanπŸ§πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

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Omo. Congratulations to everyone!! Just seeing I got the job all over my TL. Praying for my mutuals looking for good jobs, make your testimony be finally God has done it. Amen πŸ™

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If you don’t know about sickle cell, do your research. If you’re able to donate blood, do it. Spread awareness. Check on your friends who have it. Get tested for it. People on this app spend too much time discussing nonsense instead of spreading awareness on chronic conditions…

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If I gotta curse you out every other day , I’m not dealing with you . If I can’t be soft and loving I’m straight off it .