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The thing about is that they're so comfortable when they don't have the ball - perhaps more so than any other team at the World Cup - and this is very alien territory for . Tite's biggest message is probably to x2 the pace of his team's sequences.

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Apologies to & but this World Cup needs the fiercest match of all. Where Albiceleste grit meets Samba swagger & past ghosts of '39, '63 & beyond resurface to remind us of this rivalry.

We NEED vs.

My latest for ESPN + ESPN FC:…

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England v France column!

Only 3 England players would be guaranteed to start in the French 11, Walker, Bellingham & Kane.
But England can still win it from the bench, be brave with those changes Gareth!…

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26 cases of reported abuse impacting migrant workers in Qatar since the World Cup began, according to BHRRC

The body s ays these figures are “just the tip of the iceberg” given the restrictions workers face when making reports…

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Guess who's back! ESPN FC Daily on YouTube for the World Cup quarterfinals. Join Kay Murray and Luis Miguel Echegaray + a host of others today 🙏
Croatia v. Brazil:
Netherlands v. Argentina: