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The go-to platform for Creators & Communities to build independent, digital economies with social tokens & NFTs ✦ $RLY @RLYNetworkAssoc


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OurSong OurSong - social platform where everyone is a creator

Rally Rally - where creators & communities can build digital economies

Royal royal - connecting artists and fans all around the world

Sound sound.xyz (🎧,🎧) - music platform for audiences and artists

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One of the most significant trends in web3 is the re-imagining of fandom: the blurring of lines between fan and creator, between canon and “fanon,” and how fan labor is funded and rewarded.

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In a space where the path is still being paved, education is critical. Coinvise does an amazing job showing creators the way.

Here’s our launch kit. What advice would you add for creators looking to turn their web2 audiences into web3 communities?

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Following Grace Gong's interview with the Magic Eden 🪄 co-founders, we appreciate her taking the time to speak with SuperLayer Managing Partner Kevin Chou about how his previous successes (@kabam co-founder) led to our venture studio.

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We talked to Louis Marks, CEO of Ropeadope, about what web3 can fix… and what it can’t.

Check out his interview in the tweet below and don’t miss his Ropeadope Twitter Spaces with B͞lockchainB͞elle.x (🦄,😇) on Thursday!