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Arts enthusiast. Feminist. Crossword constructor. Skier. Knitter. New Yorker.


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So cool! @nytgames' Wyna presents The Lab, a new feature that examines boundary-pushing puzzles. She begins with Rebecca Falcon's extraordinary puzzle, 'I Die All the Time.'

And just in time for tonight's premiere of Russian Doll, natasha lyonne! (Congrats!)

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Welcome to The Lab, a new series that examines a nontraditional puzzle that pushes the boundaries of puzzle making.

To kick us off, Wyna Liu examines Rebecca Falconโ€™s May 2019 puzzle, โ€œI Die All the Time,โ€ which pays homage to Netflix's 'Russian Doll.'

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Introducing our inaugural class for the Diverse Crossword Constructor Fellowship! Selected from over 200 applicants, these constructors will work under the guidance of the New York Times puzzle editing team for three months. Get to know the D.C.C. fellows:

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So if im correct here end to end from helping people on train to getting folks out and treated to actuallu catching the guy it was everyday ppl, transit & healthcare workers & Zack who responded to this while the 12 billion dollars worth of cops literally contributed nothing

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So thrilled to have this week's AVCX Classic Crosswords. Long Covid took constructing away from me for a long time and I could not be more excited to be back. Enjoy the puzzle!