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design it in Python build it in Golang, render it in Delphi and display it in GIS


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Patterns es un libro buenísimo que habla de patrones de diseño en frontend, enfocado a y React!

Tiene ejemplos y animaciones para explicar estos temas 🤓

Uno de los autores trabaja en Google Chrome! 🔥

Y lo mejor: es GRATIS

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Dear Python GIS people, shapely 2.0a1 is on PyPI and conda-forge now. Please try it out if you can, early testing can help make 2.0.0 the best release ever. See the migration guide before you install…. Bring feedback to….

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📢 Calling Kubernetes Beginners!

Follow along and let's deploy your first app to Kubernetes today!

We will:
- Create a minimal API w/ Python
- Containerize it w/ Docker
- Push to DockerHub
- Spin up a cluster w/ Civo
- Define the K8s resources
- Deploy!

Let's GO! 🚀


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⛰️ Awesome-DEM

Overview of Digital Elevation Model datasets…

Just created this, feedback is most welcome! 🙏

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Project-Based Learnings Free Programming Books Developer Roadmap Public API’s Coding...…