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Looks like societies immune reaction to inaction was so visceral that Maxine may be backpedalling her subpoena decision. We will stay tuned.

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the only way truly beat BlackRock and Blackstone is through BlackPaper a parchment based company with extensive coverage solutions

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PSA: How did the Russian central bank stop a sanctions induced bank run?

They jacked up rates. A sovereign can pull that off. Not a crypto bank.

*High rates are a sign of risk, not reward*

Be cautious with unregulated pretend banks like Nexo.

Rule #1 of crypto is Survive.

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JUST IN: Goldman Sachs, $GS, plans to spend tens of millions of dollars to buy or invest in crypto companies after the collapse of the FTX exchange hit valuations and dampened investor interest, per Reuters.

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Just read the 300pg Celsius interim examiner report.

TLDR: Celsius didn't want to get fucked by regulators so bullshitted up a 'Custody' product. Didnt actually have the infrastructure in place - deposits were still going into Earn wallet with reconciliations happening manually.

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Terrifying video

BitBoy gives the floor to this woman, assuming she has no evidence of him being a scammer

She brings up the ZachXBT threads. He realizes that she has legitimate evidence, so he suddenly cuts her off and starts yelling that she's a child molestor.

Just WTF.

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, Coffee and LoFI โ˜•๏ธ

Covering my higher TF and lower TF analysis on $ETH

Feeling festive. Going to pick a random person who likes and RT's one of the CC&L videos each week to give 1000 USD to bc why not?

Big thanks to Globe Official for sponsoring the series ๐Ÿค

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Crypto lawyers in CoinDesk have reportedly said the SEC will likely get paid before retail traders following the bankruptcy filing of BlockFi.

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1/ โ€˜Bubbles have an asymmetric shape.

The boom is long and drawn out.

Slow to start. It accelerates gradually until it flattens our during the twilight period.

The bust is short and steep because it is reinforced by the forced liquidation of unsound positions.

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Beto Oโ€™Rourke returned $1m check from SBF

He said the money was returned because the donation was unsolicited. Unlike other large donations, Oโ€™Rourke had not talked with SBF prior to the donation, and the large sum took the campaign by surprise.


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One may ask why SEC should get a dime before retail users who SEC is allegedly protecting are made whole...

One may further ask why SEC doesn't return the other $70m they took from Blockfi, in order to further help those users.