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Coinbase sums everything up in one sentence:

'We asked the SEC specifically to identify which assets on our platforms they believe may be securities, and they declined to do so.'

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The EPA said the water in East Palestine, Ohio is safe to drink.

But the water tested was sampled by the same the company that caused the derailment, Northfolk Southern Corp, $NSC.

The test also did not comply with federal standards, per Huff Post.


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Gary Vee shot my family in the face. That single act taught me more about business than 20 years of college ever could.

Thank you Gary.

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It's practically an axiom of Twitter that no matter how obvious the irony in your joke is, you will get one reply from someone that you have literally never interacted with before who takes your text at face value and gets mad

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Crypto LinkedIn = people who aren't deep in the space, pretending to be deep in the space

Crypto Twitter = people who are way too deep in the space, pretending to have other interests

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Got an idea for a board game. Itโ€™s like monopoly except all the properties are already bought by boomers so you are constantly paying rent until you land some chance / community chest cards that allow you to make revanchist dynastic wealth via magic internet money and gambling.

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Looks like societies immune reaction to inaction was so visceral that Maxine may be backpedalling her subpoena decision. We will stay tuned.

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the only way truly beat BlackRock and Blackstone is through BlackPaper a parchment based company with extensive coverage solutions

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PSA: How did the Russian central bank stop a sanctions induced bank run?

They jacked up rates. A sovereign can pull that off. Not a crypto bank.

*High rates are a sign of risk, not reward*

Be cautious with unregulated pretend banks like Nexo.

Rule #1 of crypto is Survive.

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JUST IN: Goldman Sachs, $GS, plans to spend tens of millions of dollars to buy or invest in crypto companies after the collapse of the FTX exchange hit valuations and dampened investor interest, per Reuters.