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天皇皇后両陛下 鉄道開業150周年記念式典に出席

どういう風の吹き回し? newsdig.tbs.co.jp/articles/-/171…

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New documents blow up Trump's attempt to blame the General Services Administration for Mar-a-Lago docs share.smartnews.com/smGU6

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Trump said the FBI found classified documents at his home because federal workers packed them. But emails Bloomberg got show boxes were already packed when movers arrived. share.smartnews.com/KE5wV

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Anyone who uses Hitler as a role model, ex president Trump included, is a traitor to this country and the world as a whole. 70–85 mil killed.

Teacher praises Hitler's 'leadership qualities' after Jewish student questions classroom portrait share.smartnews.com/SCxAp

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登録者数400万人ユーチューバー、動画撮影中にスピード違反で捕まる 警察「本当なら一発免停」 sponichi.co.jp/entertainment/…

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Imagine that, we just thought the Clinton's got by with murder well atleast Hillary.
Hunter Biden business partner says he gave FBI proof of Biden family felonies; the FBI never followed up l.smartnews.com/Dj67z/NfNYcc

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KBJ has waded right in, and went after Gorsuch. Welcome to Washington, Madam Justice. 👊🏻// On Day One, Ketanji Brown Jackson Excelled at the Skill Stephen Breyer Never Quite Mastered share.smartnews.com/KnWJy

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Liz Cheney says electing Arizona GOP nominees for governor and secretary of state could put US at risk l.smartnews.com/9DgM7/fj9Ew1

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‘I know it can happen’: Jen Jordan, the Dem candidate for Georgia AG, says women can flip the state l.smartnews.com/3639k/weBgSn

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Man who killed ex-St. Louis police captain amid 2020 riots gets life sentence
Finally justice delivered to one of the indiscriminate rioters who thought they can just kill conservatives w/o consequence. l.smartnews.com/BLVBH/aO1hpn

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As the economy teeters, many Americans are in 'wait and see' mode on big life decisions like moving and having kids l.smartnews.com/ctEVt/up0hm8

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Trump’s Truth Social posts are proof Facebook shouldn’t lift his ban, says new report l.smartnews.com/XZ26y/7zo1f5

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Election-denying Arizona Republican who trashed mail-in voting used it over 90% of the time since 2004 l.smartnews.com/AEQKZ/MFASli