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There is no other choice, lay the cobblestones lest you lie next to them.


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It's possible to visualize in 4 dimensions.

Once you get the hang of it, it's not too hard to extend it to 5 & 6 dimensions.

Like all good psychotech (like language & arithmetic), it takes some time & play to make useful.

But then it becomes part of you & your perceptions.


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There's a story of a dude from CHAZ that really shows how cruel allegedly 'compassionate' progressive policy can actually be.

Let me tell you the tale of Travis Berge, the insane meth addicted homeless man who committed tons of felonies and ended his life in a murder/suicide

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MEV-proximity chat: every time someone gets sandwiched on a DEX, open a hot mic connection between them and the searcher for 10 seconds

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There’s a third side of the Ric and Hayden saga that I really need to get off my chest: I was the brains behind x*y=k.

During the spring of 2018, I was working in Brooklyn on my startup: F2TB2FB2T (Farm-to-Table-Back-to-Farm-Back-to-Table was an idea I’d had since

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they shouldnt be spinning like that. they should be phasing in and out of existence at different locations while also spinning like that

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The U.S military isn’t even using its most modern genders in Ukraine yet. We’re sending them surplus genders originally developed in the 2000s.

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Deposit to FTX
Browse all the perps
this looks good
Long because a tweet said bullish
we'll take it

Deposit to FTX *click* nice Browse all the perps *click* this looks good Long because a tweet said bullish *Liquidated* we'll take it
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think of the best you ever felt, in your entire life

using chemical, neuro, and genomic technology, that could be your default state. there is no physical reason it’s not possible

there should be 1000x more people working on this

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there are two types of male groupchats. either they have a name like “BONER BOYS RES[ERECT]ED: HORNY 4 LIFE, 2 CAKED UP 2 DIE” but they just encouraging each other through breakups and to try therapy. the other will be named like “gary chat” and filled with domestic terrorists