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Punk Artist | Sculptor | Animator | Collector | 🏳️‍🌈 #cRyPtoaRT Punk Art #NFT CoCA MD ANT


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If you are a Broadsider or Broadside adjacent - don’t miss the 8BRP mint

RL work commitments have made me basically inactive in the BS discord - but fortunately I didn’t miss this.
Partial and Ymym are solid members of the community as we all know.

Picked up 2

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Phoebe + Hobbs
creating a radical collision between the contemporary and classical worlds with Anna Phoebe to celebrate the re-hang Tate Britain..
an honor and a joy

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Since the start of NFTBoxes bananakin has been an incredible team member, creating fantastic box art ❤️
His work is one of a kind and deserves more love and eyes!
Check out his 's and also this cool world he is building!…

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thank you Durk for being the first to collect THE ZONE! this means a lot, ive admired all of the VR work you've been doing the past few years.... really inspiring!