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Nature knows best.
"I think that the poorest he that is in England hath a life to live as the greatest he "
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Alec Hitchman Genuinely bananas ๐ŸŒ I got back on the town after busing it. And thought can I be bothered to walk to a supermarket for one item. Convinced myself to do so. Thinking it saves a look out tomorrow. Esp if the weather changes.

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BBC Midnight news and 2 minute slot on lady Mone affair. Labour accusation and 'the BBC have been told by Lady Mone....through her lawyers...'

Frit off.

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The government is negotiating over an 'underperforming contract' with a company Michelle Mone has nothing to do with.

She's being investigated by the Lords about her non-involvement.

And HMRC and the NCA have fallen for the joke and are well into her case.

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Is the Mail's serialisation of Little Matty Hancock's semi-fictional memoir the only way the PPE Medpro scandal will appear in any detail on @BBCpm?

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Nathalie Jacoby I saw Jimmy Greaves playing for Chelsea in 1959 & sat in the front row at the Finsbury Park Astoria to see The Beatles in 1965.

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Alec Hitchman Tbh, Iโ€™d vote for Coco the Clown at the next GE if he was Labourโ€™s leader. We HAVE to get behind Starmer now.