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Nature knows best.
"I think that the poorest he that is in England hath a life to live as the greatest he "


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iwasid(@iwasid) 's Twitter Profile Photo

Looking forward to footage coming out of the minutes before this.

I'm betting Falter was on Aldwych with flag waving racist Israeli groups, not innocently 'stumbling across' a protest and trying to cross the street. He's an agent provocateur.

BBC journalism is shameful.

iwasid(@iwasid) 's Twitter Profile Photo

'We've waited 6 months for the Met to take control of these crowds, to take control of these streets'

Come on, , Gideon Falter is using the BBC to push a pro-Israel agenda. You're knowingly pretending to the UK public he's some innocent who just wanted to cross the street.

#TrotTilliDrop(@oogyflip) 's Twitter Profile Photo

BBC drip drip drip out this weaponisation of antisemitism to justify banning marches opposed to the State of Israel. Text book tactics that the State uses to shut down any opposition that they don't like.