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Dad, cook, pianist, economist, author, King's Prof, Harvard Flw, Holocaust Fdn co-Chair, NCFC, retired dancer, former Cabinet minister, sometimes on TV & Radio


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‘It would be a disaster for the Tory Party.’

With a backbench rebellion brewing on the government’s Small Boats Bill George Osborne tells @AFNeil that leaving the ECHR would be a ‘disaster,' and a ‘complete red herring’


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Watch: Levelling Up Secretary @MichaelGove refuses to guarantee that HS2 will ever reach Euston and central London

C4, 3.15pm

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Do you know a child or teenager who stammers?🗣️

It’s hard. (From 11-17 I was painfully unable to speak normally).

These days brilliant help is available from charities like Action for Stammering Children doing amazing work. 🙏👏

Thanks Ed Balls Susanna Reid for highlighting it🙏

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This is a truly astonishing story - can totally recommend: 'Dad said: We’re going to follow Captain Cook’: how an endless round-the-world voyage stole my childhood theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2…

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Lovely to see City Lit Fellow and former stammering student Ed Balls giving support to the amazing Elliott. Congratulations to everyone involved.

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Fascinating to watch the pain etched across David, Lord Pannick's face as his careful drafting of the former Prime Minister's written witness statement is being undermined by Boris Johnson's petulant tone and increasingly wayward answers - and we're only on the first questioner..

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Tonight, BBC Radio 3 - 7:30pm, BBC Singers perform all six Bach motets alongside Laß, Fürstin, laß noch einen Strahl, BWV. 198, with Peter Dijkstra and AAM.

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SO PROUD of our @gmb team - such a prestigious award in journalism. And a significant way to mark 20 years in breakfast television 🏆

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'It's pretty damning for everyone involved' Feargal Sharkey

A new report says water companies have been overly focused on maximising financial returns at the expense of the environment.

Recommendations include that bosses should not receive a bonus if the company pollutes.